Vixen Lights Key Presser or Mouse Clicker integration


Dear developers of Vixen Lights,

I am writing this in a request of adding the feature of a key presser or a mouse clicker. I have just installed Vixen Lights recently, as I was recommended of it by a friend. So far I have really enjoyed all of the features and implementations of the software. However, one issue I did encounter was the absence of a key presser or mouse clicker, which will add signals to your row when you press that certain button. The dragging feature is good for precise signals, but I have used other software that uses those features and I believe it's a good alternative or just another option in addition to the traditional drag feature. Many people I have asked who use Vixen Lights agree that this would be a worthwhile feature to add to Vixen Lights. If it was something that has to be pay-to-access, I would be glad to help support the team at Vixen Lights in order to get this specific feature.

Thank you for reading, 



Jon Chuchla
January 26, 2021, 2:22 AM

This functionality is already there. You can tap add marks. First you need to create at least one mark collection and mark one as active. Then just hold shift and tap the spacebar whenever you want to drop a mark.

After you’ve created your marks you can quickly add effects aligned to the marks by using the add effect option from the right click menu. Right click on the timeline on the element and start time where you want to start adding effects. Click add effects and hold the shift key while selecting the effect. This will bring up the add-multiple function. There’s a bunch of settings in there for how to align and distribute the new effects, including aligned to the marks.

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