7 segment number effect (similar to LipSync)


Has there ever been a consideration to create a 7-segment number element where you could enter the number you want in the effect details?  Similar to LipSync, you would choose the number (mouth position) and the mapped segments in the number element would display the number chosen.

This could be used for number display elements for a "tune to" sign, or a start countdown, or current temperature display, or whatever other information can be imagined.


**(Unnecessary background on why I'm suggesting the new feature)

My purpose in suggesting this is: I have plans to upgrade my current tune to sign as it has some wear and tear.  My current sign uses locally selected dip switches to configure the 7-segment number digits (activated by one channel) to display the radio station.  In the event I want/need to change radio stations, I can change the dip switches for the appropriate segments).  The "tune to" part is dumb RGB led strips with a driver circuit occupying 3 channels to achieve RGB effects.   I want to switch to pixel elements and could use a custom prop approach or a matrix, but I would like to make a sign that needs less resources to function than a matrix. (likely a combo of a small matrix for text and 7-segments for numbers)


Dan Pierce
January 4, 2021, 4:55 AM

Perhaps a custom set of Phonemes in the LipSync effect other than those currently available (AI, E, O, U.....) (0-9 for numbers, and a checkbox for the decimal point instead of the outline)

Anyway, just a thought.  Thanks for at least giving it a look.

Jon Chuchla
January 4, 2021, 4:24 AM

This is a pretty unique request. While it has its merits, it probably has a pretty small potential audience.
If it were matrix based and the text effect idea would have worked, then it would have had a wider potential appeal.

Perhaps if we do it somehow in a more generic fashion, it could suit your needs and others we haven’t thought of as well. Perhaps allow for custom maps and an effect to drive them from marks. I could probably come up with other ideas how this might be used.

Dan Pierce
January 4, 2021, 4:15 AM

It would be pretty much the equivalent of a string prop. One group of 8 elements per digit (7 segments and a decimal point) where you could drop a 7-seg effect on the group and simply enter in a number. (The mapping makes sure the proper segments light up on each number, much like a LipSync mouth shape) The effect could have the ability to group multiple digits together and then you could enter a number to the whole group (for example a radio station like 103.5) I would group 4 sets of numbers in my case even though I'm currently only using 3 so I could cover the whole FM band if needed (my station is 87.9 FM). I would probably add a small matrix as an additional element in the same prop to scroll text. ("Tune to", "Starts in", etc.) But the basic effect I am suggesting is simply a number effect that would eliminate the need to manually sequence each element to create the number. I'm not wholly opposed to a matrix text number display but I like the prominent visibility of the large digits that are fixed in place and easy to see. I've seen some displays use a countdown with large window segments in the form of a 7 segment number.

Jon Chuchla
January 4, 2021, 3:22 AM

Would you intend this to be used on a matrix type prop, or prop made from string groups?

If a matrix is your target, would a mark label driven text effect accomplish your goals? Using the mark label text as the text for the text effect?

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Dan Pierce