I installed the latest version of Vixen 3, an it wont start after 2 hours of playing around.


So i installed the latest version of Vixen about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and within 2 or 3 hours of playing with it it stopped working. It would not go past the loading screen for the initial screen, and the bar in the bottom was stuck at the bottom or something, and would eventually just go white an die. So to counter i installed version 3.6u3 build 927, and it worked fine till today, where it locked up kinda while making a sequence, the play bar kept going forward one second and instantly going back to the beginning. Eventually it died and exited, and when i went to re-open it, my sequences where fine, but my house preview was gone, and that is a major bummer as I spent hours working on that. And sadly, at least the older version I currently am working on does not let you define a place to externally save previews, and i think that might've helped. I always saved my work on the preview, but its gone, gone now. I am quite frustrated, and now i have created a account to see if there is a way to resolve the issues i face now.


Jeff Uchitjil
December 30, 2020, 9:13 PM

Where you able to resolve the problems you were having or is there something more we need to do for this ticket?

Jon Chuchla
December 20, 2020, 2:29 AM

Whenever you install a major release version (the number after the 3) you should never go back to the previous version. (For example 3.7 to 3.6) It can break things badly in your profile. At this point you should uninstall 3.6 and reinstall the 3.7u3. If it locks up or fails to run after installing it, grab the logs and post them here in the ticket so we can take a look for you. Make sure that antivirus isn’t interfering with the installation. We’ve seen several partial installations this year due to antivirus being too aggressive.

With regard to previews, you’ve never been able to specify a place to save them. Previews are always saved as part of the profile’s primary data files. They don’t go into their own files. It’s been this way since V3 first came out years ago. The preview is always saved every time you exit the preview setup.

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